BE Paintings

By Bladimir Escoto

Bladimir’s paintings and sculptures express vibrant and happy colors which in most cases are considered surrealistic. A native from the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, Bladimir’s masterpieces describes the Caribbean energy and passion instilled within him. His artwork also include mixed media figures, realists, abstracts, and he utilizes a compilation of various elements which help express the composition of his ideas.

36" X 36" in - Acrylic on canvas, Mixed media, 3D


Wisdom is worth more than silver and gold. He who possesses it, has the authority to succeed in the world. This golden tree represents abundance and knowledge, and reflects the quality of human beings which strives to be cultivated and fed with more knowledge. It is crucial to mankind. Today the world needs more wisdom in order to live in unity.

36" X 48" in - Acrylic on canvas


Every night has its beauty. The night can be interpreted in many delightful ways. When one takes the time to truly observe the essence of the silence of the night with all its heavenliness, the absence of the shining sun allows one to enjoy the brilliance of the lights of the night. The face of the night is never the same as every being will unfailingly have a varying interpretation.

60" X 48" in - Acrylic on canvas, Mixed media, 3D


On a perfectly clear and sunny afternoon, while in the midst of forgiveness and love in dual display, a charming white dove eloquently flies over all reminding us through life’s toughest challenges therein lies the journey of abundant peace that transcends all understanding.

60" X 48" in - Acrylic on canvas, Mixed media


More than what human eyes can see, there is an invisible world that can only perceive what is believed. It is more realistic than one can imagine and acts in or against our favor. The lion is born to protect. With this truth, mankind and the lion have common denominators; lions are audacious, strong, intrepid, valiant, decided, and capable. Fear does not allow us to see ourselves as true lions. The lion inside the eye of this masterpiece is a reflection of you.

30" X 40" in - Acrylic on canvas, Gem stones, Mixed media


The gift of the ability of creating art is in itself a jewel. Every person has a special gift. In life we experience twists and turns prior to becoming the precious gems we are meant to be.


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