Bladimir’s masterpieces describe

the Caribbean energy &

passion instilled within him!


Bladimir Escoto

There is a divine story behind each and every one of Bladimir’s masterwork. Inspired by his first book, “Bálsamo Para El Dolor” (Balsam In Pain), Bladimir’s life’s journey is explicitly poured into every detail of his extraordinary artwork.


Today, unfortunately the divorce percentages are higher than that of marriages, and the sequel to those separations result in emotional damages and roots of bitterness which affect many for a lifetime. In this book Bladimir Escoto shares how we can be free from the direct and collateral damages caused by marriage separations.

Do you want to be free and climb to heights as eagles or do you want to continue wallowing in your thoughts, imprisoned like a chicken in a chicken coop? In a few pages, I share what we should do so we do not succumb to bitterness and pain.

Available only in Spanish, english version coming soon!

Access the link above in our biography to purchase. I assure you it will be the best gift for you and your loves ones!

Early Life & Skills

Bladimir, affectionately nicknamed Blade (pronounced Blahdee in Spanish), invariably has a passion for art and at an early age, he aspired to be an architect. A graduate of the University of O&M with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Blady worked in one of the most prestigious soft drink corporations for many years while residing in the Dominican Republic. Throughout the many years, Bladimir has acquired impeccable experience and expert knowledge in various skillful areas such as construction, carpentry, joinery, pastry, formwork, refrigeration, automotive paint, and asphalt.

His amazing creativity and artistic abilities derive from the profound love he has for plastic arts. This together with the vast experience acquired throughout his life has resulted in his astonishing ability to create the artwork we see today.


Taking The Dive

In his inspirational book titled, "Bálsamo Para El Dolor," interpreted as, "Balsam In Pain," Bladimir describes in each chapter how to be free from bitterness, sorrow and disappointment caused by disillusioned relationships. Each chapter contains Bladimir's first paintings which vividly elucidates how the pain in his life’s journey reawakens his love for art and becomes his healing Balsam.

Bladimir’s paintings and sculptures express vibrant and happy colors, which in most cases are considered surrealistic.